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A digital marketing agency should run profitable ads, help manage leads, and offer guidance and support to grow your gym.

Black Stag Digital is the only agency we have worked with that not only lives and breathes Jiu Jitsu, but delivers on their promises... to drive more PAYING STUDENTS to your academy.

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Digital Marketing Advertising for BJJ Jiu Jitsu Academies Gyms by Black Stag Digital
Digital Marketing Advertising for BJJ Jiu Jitsu Academies Gyms by Black Stag Digital

Black Stag Digital

Based in Newport Beach, California, Black Stag Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of martial arts and fitness studios get more students and grow their businesses.

Because the CEO and founders train Jiu Jitsu, they are especially passionate about helping our community. They understand the culture and nuances of Jiu Jitsu, making them one of the best marketing teams in the country your academy can partner with.

Why Choose Black Stag?

Experts in Growing Jiu Jitsu Academies

Get a FREE Marketing Strategy

Do you know what percentage of people find your jiu jitsy academy from Instagram, your website, Yelp or Google? Black Stag Digital will develop a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your academy... before you spend a dime.

Tailored to Fit Any Budget

Black Stag Digital will identify the most effective digital marketing strategies that will drive the maximum amount of revenue for your business with the lowest possible spend, ensuring your business is always profitable.

Your Personal Marketing Team

When you partner with Black Stag, you will have expert level marketers at your fingertips. Black Stag provides clients with weekly consultations discussing marketing, sales strategy and business operations at no additional cost.

Confidently Scale Your Gym

After partnering with Black Stag Digital, you will begin to see consistent returns on your investment. Black Stag will also provide the data, tools and hands-on training you need so you can confidently scale your academy.
Digital Marketing Advertising for BJJ Jiu Jitsu Academies Gyms by Black Stag Digital
Digital Marketing Advertising for BJJ Jiu Jitsu Academies Gyms by Black Stag Digital


Black Stag Can Help with...

Social Media Advertising

Black Stag Digital has helped jiu jitsu gyms across the USA develop and implement effective social media advertising strategies based on the gym's location and local demographics. With Instagram consistently being the top performing platform, Black Stag will help craft your ads and optimize them on a daily basis, with weekly reporting so you know your ads are always performing.

Website Design

Your website is a reflection of you and the care you put into your academy. It is also most everyone's first impression of your gym. Your website must work for you, not against you. With SEO best practices in mind, Black Stag can help develop a functional, beautiful website that not only reflects your gym's personality, but also resonates with prospective new students in your area, with many gyms seeing up to 10x more leads.

Lead Management

For many gyms, managing a list of prospective students is difficult and time consuming. Almost all gyms never reach back out to followup on a prospective new student, or expect Zenplanner or other systems to do the job for them, losing out on tons of potential revenue for the gym. With extensive knowledge in lead management and CRM systems, Black Stag Digital will help automate email and text message campaigns to get prospective students to walk in your doors.

1-on-1 Sales Coaching

Tried advertising before but it didn't work? Most likely it's because your website scared people off. Your website is people's first impression of your gym. If your website does not reflect a sense of trust, your gyms culture or just doesn't at all, then YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS AN OVERHAUL. It could be the difference between 1 new student each week or 10 new students each week.


Client Testimonials

Check out some of Black Stag Digital's past clients and what they had to say....


Our gym was struggling to attract new members, but Black Stag Digital turned the tide. Their lead generation campaigns on social media breathed new life into our business. We've seen a remarkable increase in sign-ups and engagement. Highly recommend their expertise

Theresa Johnson


Great guys, impressive work. We've been working with Ash for a little over a year now and have been very happy with the results. We've noticed a large uptick in our owned and earning marketing, particularly Instagram which has been really helpful in our industry. The quality of their work is extremely impressive and they couldn't been nicer guys. Thanks!

Sam Brumley


Black Stag Digital's lead generation campaigns on social media delivered results beyond our expectations. Our gym's member count has never been higher. They understand the fitness industry intricacies and tailor their strategies accordingly.

Wesley Crips


Our gym was stagnant in terms of membership growth until Black Stag Digital stepped in. Their lead generation campaigns using social media advertising injected new life into our business. Their expertise and commitment to our success are remarkable.

Angel Mendoza

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From the FREE Marketing Strategy and Business Analysis, to showing you exactly what you can gain from investing in digital marketing for your gym, to the hands-on personal coaching and training you will get for you and your staff, it is no wonder why so many of our clients LOVE their partnership with Black Stag Digital.

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