High Quality

Custom Jiu-Jitsu Fight Gear


High Quality

Custom Jiu-Jitsu Fight Gear

About Eagr Ones Custom Jiu Jitsu Rashguards and Grappling Fight Shorts

Eagr Ones

We handle the entire process, from designing fully custom Jiu Jitsu rash guards and shorts that reflect your academies personality, to manufacturing and lightning fast delivery. Ensuring that you receive awesome, high-quality custom Jiu Jitsu fight gear.

Eagr Ones

About Us

We blend our passion for art and Jiu Jitsu to help gym owners across the country grow their academies.

Jiu Jitsu Addicts

We LOVE Jiu Jitsu. It's what got us here. Your custom fight kits will represent your academy, but our passion for the art will shine through.

Professional Artists

We are formally trained designers and take great pride in what we do. At the end of the day, our top priority is to make sure you LOVE your new gear.

Competition Quality

All our Jiu Jitsu rash guard and shorts are competition ready, from nice, durable fabrics to tough flat-lock stitching throughout.

White-Glove Service

We guide you through the entire process, from helping you brainstorm artistic styles that match your gym to making sure your gear arrives exactly as planned.
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How It Works

The Custom Design Process

We take the stress of designing custom Jiu Jitsu rash guards and shorts out of your hands. We will walk you through every step of the way to make sure you love your final designs.

01. Place Order

After you place your order for your custom Jiu Jitsu gear, we will reach out to get more details about your needs.

02. Discovery Call

We will schedule a call to better understand your needs and get a feel for your gym's vibes.

03. Design Process

We will crank out concept artwork until we create a design you love.

04. Production & Delivery

When you're ready, we will begin production of your custom fight gear & get them delivered on time... exactly as planned.
Eagr Ones Custom BJJ Jiu Jitsu Reviews Happy Clients

Why Us?

Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back

Because we train Jiu Jitsu, we understand the needs of your gym, the culture of the sport, and what your students are looking for.

✔️ Specialized Expertise

We train so we understand the needs of your gym, the culture, and what appeals to your students.

✔️ Consistent Quality

With every order, you know you will get the same high quality gear EVERY TIME.

✔️ Innovative Designs

We push our artistic boundaries to create unique designs that reflect your specific gym's personality.

✔️ Fast Turnaround

We put in the reps to perfect our skills & manufacturing process so you get awesome gear... FAST!

✔️ White Glove Service

We work closely with you throughout the process to give you the confidence in knowing you'll love your custom gear!

✔️ Continuous Support

We offer continued customer support, from before we even begin the design process to after your order is delivered. Call us anytime!


What Our Customers Say...

We know we make the best custom Jiu Jitsu fight gear, but don't take our word for it. Read real reviews below, or call any of our past clients.


Eagr Ones is hands down the best design and rash guard company that I have worked with. Extremely responsive, on time, and unique designs that will fit your martial arts school. I forgot to mention they have the highest quality apparel for the best pricing you will find out there.

Arthur Belarde

Art Of War Jiu Jitsu


It's a pleasure working with Edgar. Every design project he has created for us has been more than what we expected. He's professional, great communicator, and walked us through every step of the process, exceeding our expectations. We look forward to another project.

Estella Freeman

10th Planet Nashville


I’ve never had a smoother experience when it comes to Jiu Jitsu apparel. Edgar is passionate about what he does, and its hows by way of his product and delivery. I would recommend 10 out of 10 times to anyone looking for high quality gear or top-notch custom design.

Ruben Rivera

10th Planet Santa Fe


Eagr Ones has top service, is very professional and efficient. Edgar’s skill set in design is amazing and I highly recommend him. I have dealt with many designers in the past and nobody has compared.

Nabil Salameh

Titan Training Centre


Satisfied with our experience in the available style options, delivery time, and design as well as material of our rash guards. We have ordered from Eagr Ones a few times now and have not once been disappointed! Huge Thank you for your ability to create what my thoughts envisioned as gear for our gym!

Mario Fonseca

Triple Threat Jiu Jitsu

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Custom Jiu Jitsu Fight Gear

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